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Men often dismiss cosmetic surgery like it is just for women, but they know as well as anyone else that it isn’t. In fact, cosmetic surgery for men is that popular that there are surgeries in the cosmetic world that only men partake in, or at least which are heavily dominated by men. So to dispel the rumour that men don’t like cosmetic surgery, here are the most popular forms of surgery throughout the ‘dominant’ sex.

Men are as vain as they come, so when their hair starts to fall out it is a problem. There is no chance of them growing old with grace like they seem to say about every woman who pops up on the TV who has had a bit of work done. No, they have to pop straight to the clinic and book themselves in for an appointment for a hair transplant. Even though it is not that big a deal to women, it is a huge deal to men. That is why the procedure is dominated by the male sex. That and the fact that not too many women start to lose their hair as they get older. Not bragging, just saying!

Eye surgery is a common form of cosmetic surgery, but with men it is particularly prominent. This isn’t just to say laser eye surgery clinic because that form is popular across the genders. No, more and more men are having surgery on the surrounding parts of their eyes, like eyelid surgery. What is such a procedure? Well it has many guises, but its main aim is to make men look younger by taking away the bags under their eyes. You would think that wouldn’t be something they were that interested in, but apparently it is. It’s as if men are becoming the new plastic surgery addicts!

If you thought that breast reductions were just for women, think again! The man boobs, or moobs as they are more commonly referred to, are a big thing in 2015. But, men are not happy with them. So, instead of losing them naturally more and more men have decided to jump on the plastic surgery bandwagon and have their moobs reduced. It seems as if men loved boobs so much they decided they wanted a pair of their own. Not as brilliant as they thought though, are they?!

Liposuction is a massive surgery around the world. But one statistic puts into perspective how common the procedure is between men, and it comes from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They found out that over fifteen per cent of all liposuction performed in America was performed on men. And, the number is thought to be growing even more. More men are becoming weight and health conscious and want to slim down a bit. Liposuction is a great way to do it.

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